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Strategic Shade: Using NASA Earth Observations to Identify the Hottest Bus Stops in Phoenix

The NASA DEVELOP Phoenix Health & Air Quality project applies NASA Earth observations to help researchers and practitioners strategically deploy shade in Phoenix.

Steppe-ing Into Wildfire Recovery

Riparian corridors are inhabited by unique and biodiverse plant communities that control erosion, manage sediment loads, and filter pollutants.

An Ocean Between Us: Monitoring Marine and Vegetation Health on Cocos Island

The Isla del Coco Marine Reserve off the coast of Costa Rica is experiencing several environmental challenges including rising sea surface temperature (SST), coral reef bleaching, coastal erosion, and loss of cloud coverage above its cloud forest.

Tree Health Time Machine

Nearly three quarters of Lassen Volcanic National Park (LVNP) is designated as Wilderness under the Wilderness Act of 1964, meaning it is to be managed “to preserve its natural conditions … with the imprint of man’s work substantially unnoticeable.”

Time Marshes On: Monitoring Past, Present, and Future Marsh Health in the Chesapeake Bay

Tidal wetlands, such as marshes, are among the Chesapeake Bay’s most protective natural features.