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How Acoustic Waves Help Us to See the Sea Floor: An Interview with Gerardo Acosta

Using AUVs allows researchers to collect data in a minimally disruptive way and opens opportunities to observe some of the Earth’s least-studied regions.

Live From MTS/IEEE Oceans ‘15


Earthzine is attending and providing updates from the Oceans ’15 conference in National Harbor, Maryland, near Washington, D.C., from Oct. 19-22.

Scientists to launch bio robots in Indian Ocean to study its ‘interior biology’

Originally Published by The Guardian – Floating sensors released by Australia and India to ‘revolutionise’ knowledge of climate change, food, energy and health security.

Rolling Helicopter Robot, Tornadoes and Jellyfish

Screen shot of a jellyfish video

Screen shot of a jellyfish videoThe Earth, and its people and creatures continue to astound. This collection features videos of a robot that walks and flies, the record-breaking tornadoes of April, and a lesson on jellyfish diversity.