Underwater in the Great Lakes, and a Green Wall in Africa

Jeff KartEarth Observation, Original, Video Blog

A recent Earthly Updates mentioned the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary. The NOAA project deserves further mention here, as it’s working to promote the underwater treasures of shipwrecks in Lake Huron.
As described on Rich Stevenson’s filmingunderwater YouTube channel:
This was shot on the wreck of the Grecian in Lake Huron and features Evan Kovaks with the big 3 chip 3D camera. Also in the video is David Schott using a smaller 3D camera and Becky Kagen Schott who was taking stills. The music is AC/DC. You may want to turn it down (or up) depending on where you’re watching.

Africa also has its own Great Lakes, and a slowly advancing desert. Check out this video on the Great Green Wall, created to fight the advancing Sahara by planting trees and offering a source of income for participating villagers.

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