Anchorage Bound: IEEE Earthzine Delivers Third Year of Live Coverage from Oceans 17

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IEEE Earthzine’s third year of live coverage at Oceans 17 in Anchorage, Alaska, begins Sept. 18.

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The MTS/IEEE Oceans 17 Anchorage conference runs from Sept. 18-21. Image Credit: Oceans 17

The theme of this year’s Oceans 17 conference is: “Our Harsh and Fragile Ocean.” The Sept. 18-21 event, sponsored by the Marine Technology Society (MTS) and the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society (OES), will include workshops, paper presentations, and panel discussions focused on protecting the ocean with modern technology and traditional knowledge.

IEEE Earthzine Science Writer Jenny Woodman and Editor-in-Chief Paul Racette will be there all week with live coverage and social media updates.

The duo also will lead a workshop on engaging the public with science through storytelling.

Stay tuned for reports and stories about the people and technologies making ocean research and exploration possible.

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