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2011 Quarterly Theme Issue 3

June 21-Sept. 22, 2011 is soliciting articles of 800-3,000 words for its 3rd Quarter Theme Issue on Urban Monitoring.

About half of the planet’s 6.6 billion people now live in urban areas, which occupy less than 3% of the land area. By the year 2025, the global population is expected to reach 8 billion, of which 5 billion are expected to reside in urban areas. Now is an opportune time to examine trends and developments in urban monitoring.

Specific areas of focus include:

‰Û¢ How Earth observation technologies have contributed or can contribute to understanding the impacts of rapid urbanization;

‰Û¢ The implications of urbanization for climate change, and the implications of climate change for urbanization;

‰Û¢ The current capacity and projected need for urban monitoring;

‰Û¢ The state-of-the-art of in situ and remote sensing technologies;

‰Û¢ The extent to which urban monitoring informs urban planning and design practice;

‰Û¢ Data collection, access, sharing, and stewardship;

‰Û¢ Effective communication strategies for scholars, the general public, stakeholders, and policymakers;

‰Û¢ Use of Earth observation technologies to assess key environmental issues such as urban heat islands, and the public health implications of urbanization and climate change;

‰Û¢ Innovative people who are using Earth observation technologies for urban monitoring or who know how Earth observation technologies can be adapted to address urban issues.

Earthzine is an informative scientific online journal dedicated to promoting the societal benefits of Earth Observations and the use of Earth information in planning and policy. Sponsored by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers), Earthzine supports the Group on Earth Observations in establishing the Global Earth Observation System of Systems. Earthzine seeks to explore the application of scientific and technological research as well as policy and its implementation for the benefit of society.

We invite you to submit an article and become part of a growing professionally diverse community and global readership network working to build the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS).

We seek to publish articles from all regions of the globe.

We welcome articles about programs, projects, organizations, examples of interdisciplinary and/or cross-regional research latest discoveries, and unusual findings. We also publish opinion essays, book and art reviews.

Submissions must be in English. They can be sent to Managing Editor Jeff Kart,

Please consult our Writers Guidelines page for further information.

Important dates: Queries to our editors may be sent at any time. Submission of original articles for our Urban Monitoring Theme begins June 1, 2011, and ends Aug. 22, 2011.

Publication: All accepted contributions will be published online at in the fall of 2011 and will be freely accessible to the public.


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Paul E. Racette

Deputy Editor‰Ûin‰ÛChief

Christoph Aubrecht

Managing Editor

Jeff Kart

Guest Editor for Urban Monitoring

Paolo Gamba

Associate Professor

Department of Electronics

University of Pavia

27100 Pavia, Italy