Sand dunes are important desert dust sources

Earthzineearth science

New research suggests that the dunes are an important source of dust now and potentially in the future. Researchers used the Portable in situ Wind Erosion Laboratory (PI-SWERL) to measure the potential of dunes in the deserts of northern China to emit dust. Large, mobile dunes emit low levels of dust, but vegetated coppice dunes have the greatest potential to … Read More

Vast magma reservoir found hiding beneath Yellowstone park

Anthea LacchiaEarth Observation, earth science

A massive chamber holding enough magma to fill the Grand Canyon more than 11 times over is hiding beneath the steaming volcanic system of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. We knew of a smaller magma chamber closer to surface, holding some 10,000 cubic kilometres of magma and feeding heat upwards. The newly discovered reservoir sits under it and has a … Read More