Influenza in the tropics shows variable seasonality


An electron microscope image of Vibrio cholera that has been negatively stained. Vibrio cholera is the bacteria responsible for the gastrointestinal disease cholera.

Whilst countries in the tropics and subtropics exhibit diverse patterns of seasonal flu activity, they can be grouped into eight geographical zones to optimise vaccine formulation and delivery timing, according to a new study.

Sea traffic pollutes our lungs more than previously thought


New data show that the air along the coasts is full of hazardous nanoparticles from sea traffic. Almost half of the measured particles stem from sea traffic emissions, while the rest is deemed to be mainly from cars but also industries and natural particles from the sea.

Why food labels are wrong about calories


OK you can trust this food label. But calories? Forget it. Photo credit: Bryan Kennedy By Richard Wrangham, Harvard University and Rachel Carmody, Harvard University Food labels seem to provide all the information a thoughtful consumer needs, so counting calories should be simple. But things get tricky because food labels tell only half the story. A calorie is a measure … Read More

Fracking may affect air quality, human health

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People living or working near active natural gas wells may be exposed to certain pollutants at higher levels than the Environmental Protection Agency considers safe for lifetime exposure. Air pollution from fracking operations may pose an under-recognized health hazard to people living near them, the researchers concluded.