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Four STEM Tools to Get Kids Learning and Exploring Outdoors

Getting out of the classroom can benefit everyone — both teachers and students. Fresh air and fresh perspectives combine to allow for new types of creativity, for play, and for a chance to connect learning to life. The best of these apps help harness what kids are learning outside so they can bring it back into the classroom for further study.

Serving Students with the MyCOE/SERVIR Global Fellowship Program

The SERVIR group has partnered with the My Community, Our Earth program to provide resources, training, and funding to students in four regions of Africa and Asia for work on climate-centered geospatial projects.

On this planet, a new year every 8.5 hours

On this planet, a new year every 8.5 hours Originally published by EarthSky – In the time it takes you to complete a single workday, or get a full night’s sleep, a small fireball of a planet 700 light-years away has already completed an entire year.

What if Africa were to become the hub for global science?

Originally Published by BBC News– The potential for world-class science in sub-Saharan Africa. Topic: Education, People, Technology

Energy-saving students go on the Ultimate Field Trip

Screenshot of students with their hybrid car. Credit: New Scientist
Screenshot of students with their hybrid car. Credit: New ScientistOriginally Published by New Scientist – A hybrid car idea wins students a two-week internship with BP in its annual Ultimate Field Trip contest

iSeeChange Turns Citizens into Climate Reporters

i see change logo

i see change logoiSeeChange is a radio and online series that turns traditional reporting on its head by letting the public drive the stories.

Nature Writing Competition 2013 – The Winners

Originally Published by The Ecologist – Associate Editor of Resurgence & Ecologist, Susan Clark, reflects on the joys of reading the entries for the 2013 Nature Competition, and the difficulties met by the judging panel in deciding on a winner. Topic: Education, People

NASA World Wind Europe Challenge: Inspiring Solutions for a More Sustainable World

NASA World Wind EUROPA logo

An example of World Wind data, of Yosemite Valley in the United States. Image Credit: NASA.The Europe Challenge aims to inspire and challenge Europe’s best and brightest. Applications developed by teams taking on the challenge have to use the open-source NASA World Wind technology, a 3D visualization of the globe that links to various spatial data layers.

Fostering Environmental Awareness from a Young Age: A Case Study from the IGES Art Contest

The 2011 First Place Winner: “From Rain to Sunshine” by Larry Huang, Grade 3, Washington. All images courtesy IGES.

The 2012 First Place Winner: "Wetlands: A Heaven of Wildlife" by Phoebe Chiu, Grade 3, Ohio.The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies’ annual art contest serves as a prime example of integrating art and science in the classroom. Students benefit from the practice of visually sharing what they know. Instructors are able to tailor their lessons based on the artistic renderings of students.

EarthCube: Helping Scientists Share What They Know

Image of the EarthCube logo.
Image of the EarthCube logo.Want to solve a global crisis? Get scientists from various disciplines to pool their data. Here’s how EarthCube is paving the way.