Four STEM Tools to Get Kids Learning and Exploring Outdoors


Getting out of the classroom can benefit everyone — both teachers and students. Fresh air and fresh perspectives combine to allow for new types of creativity, for play, and for a chance to connect learning to life. The best of these apps help harness what kids are learning outside so they can bring it back into the classroom for further study.

On this planet, a new year every 8.5 hours


On this planet, a new year every 8.5 hours Originally published by EarthSky – In the time it takes you to complete a single workday, or get a full night’s sleep, a small fireball of a planet 700 light-years away has already completed an entire year.

Nature Writing Competition 2013 – The Winners


– Associate Editor of Resurgence & Ecologist, Susan Clark, reflects on the joys of reading the entries for the 2013 Nature Competition, and the difficulties met by the judging panel in deciding on a winner.