Second-Annual IEEE Conference on Tech Solutions to Humanitarian Issues

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Photo of seattle. Image Source: IEEE GHTC.
Photo of seattle. Image Source: IEEE GHTC.

Image Source: IEEE GHTC.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers’ (IEEE) Technology for Benefit of Humanity Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC) will be held in Seattle, Washington, from Oct. 21-24.

The international conference will feature talks, technical sessions, tutorials, exhibits, networking opportunities, and social activities that will be open to all technologists and organizations interested in humanitarian technologies, according to conference organizers.

Topics will include:

‰Û¢ Health, medical technology, and telemedicine;

‰Û¢ Water planning, availability, and quality;

‰Û¢ Disaster warning, avoidance, and response;

‰Û¢ Education technologies;

‰Û¢ Agricultural technologies;

‰Û¢ Power infrastructure/off-grid power/renewable and sustainable energy;

‰Û¢ Sanitation;

‰Û¢ Connectivity and communication technologies;

‰Û¢ Application of science, engineering, and technology for environmental sustainability; and,

‰Û¢ Humanitarian challenges and opportunities.

This flagship annual conference features scientists, engineers, academies, foundations, governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and other individuals. The conference will bring together a variety of people to discuss present humanitarian needs, such as improving sanitation in impoverished areas, and prepare for future ones.

Images from the 2011 GHTC conference. Source: IEEE GHTC.

Images from the 2011 GHTC conference. Source: IEEE GHTC.

The conference, at the Renaissance Seattle Hotel, seeks to provide participants with opportunities to network and exchange information in the humanitarian field, bring attention to emerging market opportunities for technology businesses, help disadvantaged people around the world through the use of the sciences, and encourage young people to get involved in humanitarian efforts.

The 2011 GHTC was the first-ever global technology conference and brought together more than 245 attendees from the technology industry, government, NGOs, foundations, and academies from 17 different countries. This year’s conference chair is Paul Kostek, current Candidate Region 6 director of the IEEE.

For more information, see the 2012 conference page.