Analyzing Drought Conditions in Desert and Rainforest Environments

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The Levant region, comprising Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and Iraq, as well as countries along the Central American “Dry Corridor,” including Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua, suffer from frequent drought and heavy precipitation events. Drought induces stress on water resources and the agricultural community, which can serve as catalysts to conflict.

Research Cites Role of Warming in Extremes


Originally Published by NYT — In examining a dozen extreme weather events last year, scientists found evidence that human activity was a partial culprit in about half.

Wildfires projected to worsen with climate change

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Originally Published by Environment Research Web — The Harvard team’s study suggests wildfire seasons by 2050 will be about three weeks longer, up to twice as smoky, and will burn a wider area in the western states. The findings are based on a set of internationally recognized climate scenarios, decades of historical meteorological data, and records of past fire activity.

Advancing Extreme Weather Monitoring from Space: From TRMM to GPM

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A high-resolution water permeability map of North America. Image Source: MouthToSource.

Cropped satellite image of a cycloneThe Global Precipitation Measurement Mission will offer a new generation of space-borne precipitation measurements, building on the success of the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission, launched in 1997. The advancements can help us understand the impacts and better predict the future behavior of extreme weather events like landslides, floods and cyclones.