Book Review: A Conversation about ‘Connection’

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Earthzine Science Writer Elise Osenga and Editor-in-Chief Paul Racette connect in reviewing “Connection: Hollywood Storytelling Meets Critical Thinking.” The book tells how stories can be used to connect with audiences. But can stories help scientists get the word out about their research?

Colombian Students Shine Spotlight on Societal Benefit Areas

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St. George‰Ûªs School in BogotÌÁ, Colombia logo

St. George's School in BogotÌÁ, Colombia logoThe Earth Observation Poster Project at St. George’s School in BogotÌÁ, Colombia, began as an in-depth reading initiative with the idea of having 11th grade students (the final year of high school) read about Earth observation technology and participate in an online videoconference with Earthzine Editor-in-Chief Paul Racette to enhance their reading experience.

Indigenous Perspectives in GEOSS: An Interview with Dr. Gregory Cajete

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Cropped image of Dr. Gregory CajeteEarthzine’s Editor-In-Chief Paul Racette speaks with Dr. Gregory Cajete – a Tewa Indian from Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico and author of five books on Native American education, history and philosophy – about Native American science and the role Indigenous perspectives have in realizing an integrated Earth observing system.

The Long Road from Idea to Reality for the NeXOS Project


October brings the end of a four-year NeXOS initiative to develop the next generation of web-enabled smart sensors. Funded by the European Commission 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, the initiative set out to deliver “The Ocean of Tomorrow” by way of a multi-disciplinary effort to observe the ocean and its inhabitants with sustainable marine technology. NeXOS developed … Read More