Freak Tornadoes Strike Midwest

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An unusually warm US Midwest was caught off-guard on Monday as freak clusters of out-of-season tornados struck throughout the region, causing structural damage in Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Illinois and Arkansas and killing two in Missouri.

Monitoring Volcano Threats from Space

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Cropped image of volcano taken from of Volcano Monitoring Poster align=Volcanoes can have extremely wide ranging effects. Even a single eruption can cause disastrous climate changes at great distance from the source. Thus, it is important to have a system to monitor even the most remote volcanoes. The Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) on the Terra spacecraft and other satellite sensors provide imagery that is critical to the global volcano monitoring solution.

News: Massive California Fires Consistent With Climate Change

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The catastrophic fires that are sweeping Southern California are consistent with what climate change models have been predicting for years, experts say, and they may be just a prelude to many more such events in the future – as vegetation grows heavier than usual and then ignites during prolonged drought periods.

Australian Fires Add to Fears on Climate Change

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Extreme weather, including a drought that has persisted in some places for six years, has focused the Australian public on climate change, and it is shaping up as a major issue in the general elections that are expected to be called in the next few weeks.