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Call for Papers: Coral Reefs

IEEE Earthzine, an online scientific publication, is soliciting articles of 800 to 3,000 words for its second 2017 quarterly theme, Coral Reefs.

Clearing the Air: Aerosol Estimates in the Coastal United States

Category: Assessing Air Quality & Water Resources Project Team: Coastal US Health & Air Quality Team Location: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Centers for Environmental Information – Asheville, North Carolina Authors: Christie Stevens Toni Strauch Alec Courtright Mentors/Advisors: Annette Hollingshead (Global Science & Technology, Inc.) DeWayne Cecil (Global Science & Technology, Inc.) Jesse Bell (Centers […]

Enhancing Ocean Color Observation from Space: A Look Forward to NASA’s PACE and GEO-CAPE Missions

Future NASA satellites will extend the reach of global ocean color observation and research.

A Proposal for Climate Change Adaptation at the Local Level in Costa Rica

The implementation of climate change adaptation strategies at the municipal level is fundamental for the integration of efforts that would otherwise leave actions uncovered, resulting in a slower, less effective, and more expensive adaptation process.

Pollutionwatch: The world’s dirtiest cities

Originally Published by The Gaurdian – For the first time in history, over half the world’s population now live in cities. But only 12% of urban dwellers enjoy airborne particle pollution that meets World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines. Globally, lowest city air pollution is in Canada and Iceland and the highest in India (Delhi and Patna) and Pakistan (Karachi and Peshwar).