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LANDFIRE 2015 Remap – Utilization of Remotely Sensed Data to Classify Existing Vegetation Type and Structure to Support Strategic Planning and Tactical Response

Characterizing vegetation type, cover and height with Earth observation data enhances wildland fuel modelling.

Salt in the Storm Wounds

In the aftermath of hurricanes, salinity intrusion events cause tree damage and death in coastal forests and wetlands, but are overshadowed by wind and flooding impacts.

Condor Conservation in Three Dimensions

Can gadgets and processors save endangered species? Advances in biotelemetry combine with the power of supercomputing to keep California condors safe.

Take Earth Science Week Into Your Hands with Citizen Science

Looking to get involved? Earth Science Week encourages students, teachers and the general public to share observations of the natural world through a variety of citizen science sites sponsored by the U.S. Geological Survey.

LANDFIRE 2010 – Updated Data to Support Wildfire and Ecological Management


Data products and tools from the LANDFIRE Program help decision-makers clarify problems and identify possible solutions when managing fires and natural resources. The Program – a joint effort between the U.S .Department of the Interior Office of Wildland Fire, U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service Fire & Aviation Management, and The Nature Conservancy – provides the only complete geospatial dataset describing vegetation and wildland fuel information for the entire U.S.