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And the 2010 Winners Are…

2010 Essay Contest logoEarthzine is pleased to announce the winners of the 2010 University and College Student Essay and Blogging Competition, “Making Citizen Observations a Global Vision.” Co-sponsored by NASA, this year’s contest attracted well-written, thought provoking essays and an international dialogue with students on important environmental issues.

Afghan Saffron Venture Hit by Taliban

Originally Published by ENS – Farmers taking part in an internationally-backed saffron-growing project in Herat province in western Afghanistan say they are being targeted by Taliban militants who want them to cultivate opium poppies instead. Topic: Agriculture

Rise in Oxygen Drove Evolution of Animal Life 550 Million Years Ago

Originally Published by Science Daily – Researchers have uncovered a clue that may help to explain why the earliest evidence of complex multicellular animal life appears around 550 million years ago. Topic: Biodiversity

Lighting governance for protected areas and beyond – Identifying the urgent need for sustainable management of artificial light at night

Figure 1: Data from DMSP-OLS, nighttime lights of the world, sample figure.

Figure 1: Data from DMSP-OLS, nighttime lights of the world, sample figure.The importance of an “urban lighting governance” framework for control and management of artificial night lighting, particularly in close proximity to protected areas, and for raised awareness of the issue of light pollution and related ecological consequences is documented in this article.