Geological Hazards and Monitoring at the Azores (Portugal)

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Cropped image of a map of Slovenia

Map showing seismic events related to the 2005 Sao Miguel volcanic unrest.The Azores archipelago (Portugal) is subject to several geological hazards, including earthquakes and volcanic activity. In response, the Centre for Volcanology and Geological Risks Assessment (CVARG), developed a monitoring network which uses geophysical, geodetic, geochemical and meteorological techniques to provide continuous monitoring and early warning.

Limit Equilibrium Analysis and Real-Time Monitoring as Support for Landslide Risk Mitigation: The San Rocco Case Study at San Benedetto Ullano (Calabria)

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Table showing Model variables used in the study

Figure showing location of the study area.The Italian government declared a state of emergency following landslides in 2008-2010. Case studies of these landslides, and a related landslide stability model, can be used by the Authority of Civil Protection and other experts for managing future risks.

Analyzing the Resilience of Mediterranean Forest Systems to Wildfire Using Satellite Imagery

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Map of portugal showing burned areas

Cropped image of a mixed forest in PortugalIn Portugal, the fire season of 2003 was the worst on record. Satellite imagery was used to study the post-fire vegetation response. The results contribute to our understanding of the impact of management strategies and can ultimately improve allocation of firefighting resources.

GEO Monitors, Analyzes, and Distributes Data on the Japan Disaster

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The above images show a large flooded agricultural area at Mississippi River Mile 502, south of Pittman Island in Issaquena County, Mississippi. Left to right, from top to bottom: Location of the following subset images (red box),NASA UAVSAR color composite image for Flight 09044 (June 2009), UAVSAR color composite image for Flight 11033 (June 2011), and inset showing red pixels classified as water that was present in the 2011 UAVSAR image.

Satellite imagery of the Japanese earthquakeInternational Earth observation agencies are cooperating in the creation of online resources to aid rescue efforts and advance scientific understanding in the wake of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. Available visualization products relate to a range of issues, including historic and present seismic activity, landslides, deformation areas, floating objects and more.