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XPRIZE to Sponsor Earthzine Writing Fellowship

Applications are due May 1 for an Earthzine Writing Fellowship that will explore the ocean depths.

New Research Suggests Antarctic Ozone May Now Be Shrinking

For years, researchers thought the Antarctic Ozone Hole was increasing despite preventive efforts. A new study says the ozone hole is shrinking.

Preparing the Pacific Northwest for an Unprecedented Tsunami

In preparing the Pacific Northwest for The Really Big One, modelling and drills can be key to understanding a danger the region has yet to fully witness.

Staying Afloat: Using Jason-3 to Measure Sea-level Rise

The joint U.S. and European Jason-3 mission may help coastal regions in countries like Vietnam prepare for sea level rise associated with climate change.

Salt in the Storm Wounds

In the aftermath of hurricanes, salinity intrusion events cause tree damage and death in coastal forests and wetlands, but are overshadowed by wind and flooding impacts.