Extending NASA Earth Science Research to Benefit Society: NASA DEVELOP Spring 2014 Virtual Poster Session

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This spring’s installment of the DEVELOP Virtual Poster Session series features interdisciplinary research projects that apply the lens of NASA Earth observations to community concerns around the globe. In short video format, DEVELOP teams in the United States, Mexico, Nepal and Bhutan communicate the capabilities of NASA Earth observations to address diverse environmental and public policy issues. These include monitoring conservation efforts and drought, forecasting water availability and vector-borne disease risk, as well as mapping invasive species distribution and the damage from natural disasters such as flooding, wildfires and hurricanes.

New posts in the Notes from the Field blog – GPM's Launch Rehearsal

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Originally Published by NASA- The big show’s opening night is also it’s closing night. This will be a command performance, a one-time-only show of epic proportions attended by senior staff from two proud space-faring agencies. But like all command performances, leaders may have privileged seats but it’s the vast throng of commoners who’s interest make events memorable. Those groundlings are all of us. For a mission focused on global rainfall, the GPM launch is a show for all the people of Earth.

Gulf Stream in infrared


Originally Published by EarthSky -The Gulf Stream is like a warm river in the ocean, but, as the image above shows, it’s not uniformly warm. Instead, water temperatures in the Gulf Stream range from 64° to 70.25° Fahrenheit (18° to 21.25° Celsius).